Tape It Revolutionizes Audio Recording with AI-Powered Denoiser: Studio-Quality Noise Reduction for Musicians and Beyond

Tom Cooper

In the ever-evolving landscape of audio technology, Tape It, a startup founded by musicians Thomas Walther and Jan Nash, has emerged as a game-changer. Filling the void left by Apple’s discontinuation of its Music Memos app, Tape It introduced an innovative recording app for musicians that not only detected instruments but also annotated recordings for easy organization. However, Tape It didn’t stop there; it embarked on a journey to further enhance the audio recording process using artificial intelligence (AI).

Tape It’s Journey: From Musicians to Innovators

Founded in 2020, Tape It’s initial focus was on developing an iOS recording app tailored for musicians. Walther, with his experience at Spotify and Nash, a classically trained opera singer and engineer, shared a vision to simplify audio recording while harnessing the power of AI. Their app gained popularity, attracting around 10,000 monthly active users within the musician community.

The Evolution of Tape It: AI-Powered Denoiser Unleashed

Tape It’s latest breakthrough is an automatic, studio-quality noise reduction algorithm driven by AI. Designed to eliminate background noise such as hums and hisses, this denoiser doesn’t limit itself to speech but extends its prowess to any audio, including music compositions, single-instrument tracks, and field recordings.

How Tape It’s Denoiser Works: A Technological Marvel

The denoising software operates through a neural network controller connected to a signal processing-based noise reduction algorithm. This intelligent system automatically identifies and removes unwanted noise, ensuring the final output meets studio-quality standards.

Validation Through Scientific Study: Setting New Industry Standards

To validate their denoising technology, Tape It plans to release an academic study featuring a scientific listening test. This study not only demonstrates the software’s efficiency but also positions Tape It’s AI-powered denoiser in direct competition with industry-leading denoising solutions.

Industry Interest and Future Prospects

Tape It’s innovative denoising solution has already attracted attention from major players in the industry, including a leading studio software vendor and a prominent hardware manufacturer. The company is exploring various pricing options, catering to both enterprise needs and smaller startups, ensuring accessibility for all.

The Road Ahead: A Glimpse into Tape It’s Future

While Tape It continues to bootstrap, discussions about potential funding rounds are underway. The pace of the AI market and the company’s vision for further advancements are driving these considerations. Tape It remains committed to solving practical problems, allowing creators to focus on their art while AI handles the intricacies of sound.

In a world where AI is often associated with creativity, Tape It stands out by tackling mundane challenges. As Walther aptly puts it, “We are excited about AI solving boring problems. We take care of background noise, so you can entirely focus on the creative parts and write more songs.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Tape It’s revolutionary journey, reshaping the audio recording landscape one denoised track at a time.

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