What is Biden’s Trade Agreement with 12 Indo-Pacific Nations?

President Biden unveiled the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) on May 23, 2022, during his first presidential visit to Tokyo. The Indo-Pacific Trade Agreement is between Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, India and seven Southeast Asian nations – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei. According to Biden, “Members will negotiate every working group, […]

The Russian government is considering increasing the tax on oil and gas exports by $50 billion in response to the weakening economy caused by sanctions.

Russia is considering plans to raise taxes on energy exports, which could bolster the government’s budget by $50 billion, according to Kommersant. This signals that the Kremlin is finally starting to feel the effects of Western sanctions, economists told Insider. The new tariffs will raise about 1.4 trillion rubles ($50 billion), according to Russian newspaper […]

China is benefitting from LNG sales to Europe as some traders resell non-Russian cargoes at high prices while restocking with cheap Russian fuel

Some traders in China are selling non-Russian LNG cargoes to Europe at higher prices. They then restock with Russian LNG purchased at deep discounts during the sanctions and boycott. China’s LNG imports from Russia hit a nearly two-year high in August, according to S&P Global. China has become the main supplier of natural gas to […]

United States stocks upward thrust after snapping weekly dropping streak as investors brace for inflation data

US stocks rose Monday and were on course for a 4th straight win. Wall Street’s major indexes last week broke a string of weekly losses. US stocks rose Monday as investors rode upside momentum after the market ended a run of weekly losses, with all eyes on key inflation due out on Tuesday. All three […]

What is the Role For U.S. Government In Export Promotion?

Successful export promotion of environmental technologies has four critical components: Policy dialogue and development with foreign governments; Technical assistance to foreign governments for regulatory development and environmental management; Direct market promotion and advocacy; and Financial vehicles for project development and export finance. Policy Dialogue and Development The export promotion objectives of policy dialogue and development […]

Key Market Trends and Themes for the Global Air Pollution Control Industry

Emissions Control for Coal-Fired Power PlantsParts of Asia, especially China and India, continue to use coal as their primary source of power.Approximately three-quarters of all currently planned coal-fired power plants worldwide are slated tobe installed in one of those two countries. Depending on the stringency of the regulatory environment,these plants are likely to result in […]

Top Markets: Key Findings and Methodology

This “Top Markets Report” supports the efforts of the ETWG by identifying and ranking export marketswhere focusing finite government resources will have the greatest impact in terms of increasingcommercial opportunities for U.S. companies. This report distills market forecasts and quantitativeassessments into overall market scores that rank export markets relative to three critical traits: first,markets that […]

Overview And Key Findings of Global Environmental Technologies Market

The global market for environmental technologies goods and services reached $1.12 trillion in 2017. TheUnited States hosts the single largest market, accounting for approximately a quarter of the globalmarket. The U.S. industry is a global leader in the sector, yielding $342.2 billion of revenue in 2017. U.S.environmental companies exported $47.8 billion worth of goods and […]

Euro zone bond yields fall as big rate hike bets fall sharply

Euro zone government bond yields fell sharply on Tuesday, as expectations for a massive interest rate raise by the European Central Bank this week eased following media reports that policymakers are considering a smaller hike. After initially rising, by 1030 GMT yields were down sharply across the bloc. German yields were down between 6 and […]