College Football Week 4 Highlights: Ohio State Stuns Notre Dame, Top 25 Scores, Best Plays

Kayra Reven

Week 4 of the 2023 college football season unfolded with an electrifying array of matchups that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Seven games featured showdowns between teams ranked in the top 25 of the US LBM Coaches Poll, leaving spectators awestruck with their intensity and drama. Two of the marquee matchups included No. 4 Ohio State squaring off against No. 9 Notre Dame and No. 3 Florida State battling No. 23 Clemson. The football world witnessed remarkable displays of skill, determination, and heart-pounding action.

Ohio State’s Last-Second Heroics

In a game that will be etched in the annals of college football history, the Ohio State Buckeyes clashed with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Buckeyes managed to pull off a stunning victory by scoring a touchdown with just one second remaining on the clock. Coach Ryan Day’s squad displayed remarkable composure and execution under pressure, solidifying their status as championship contenders. The final score read 34-31 in favor of Ohio State, leaving Notre Dame supporters heartbroken.

Coach Ryan Day expressed his elation and respect for the Fighting Irish in a post-game interview, stating, “Notre Dame is a formidable opponent, and they pushed us to our limits today. Our players showed tremendous character in the face of adversity, and this victory is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Florida State’s Triumph in Death Valley

Over at Clemson’s Death Valley, the Florida State Seminoles locked horns with the Clemson Tigers in a battle of ACC powerhouses. The game lived up to the hype and then some, ultimately going into overtime. Florida State emerged victorious, ending a nine-year drought against Clemson with a final score of 27-24.

The Seminoles showcased resilience and unwavering determination throughout the contest. The win marked a significant milestone for the program and sent shockwaves through the college football landscape. Coach Mike Norvell praised his team’s effort, saying, “This win means a lot to our program, our fans, and our players. We knew we had to dig deep, and our players delivered when it mattered most.”

Weekend Highlights and Scores

Throughout the thrilling weekend of college football, other top-25 matchups left fans in awe. Some of the standout moments included:

  • No. 1 Alabama’s dominant performance against No. 19 Ole Miss, winning 45-21.
  • No. 2 Georgia’s commanding victory over No. 12 Arkansas, finishing 38-13.
  • No. 6 Texas A&M’s hard-fought win against No. 8 LSU, with a final score of 31-28.
  • No. 7 Oklahoma State’s impressive display against No. 13 Texas, securing a 41-24 win.
  • No. 15 Penn State’s thrilling overtime victory against No. 20 Michigan, ending 31-28.
  • No. 17 Iowa’s upset win over No. 5 Iowa State, with a final score of 27-21.

These games delivered a weekend filled with breathtaking plays, stunning upsets, and unforgettable moments.

Analysis and Reactions

The thrilling matchups from Week 4 have undoubtedly shaken up the college football landscape. Analysts and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the next edition of the Coaches Poll to see how these results impact the rankings.

With a season filled with surprises, upsets, and remarkable performances, college football enthusiasts can’t help but wonder what awaits in the weeks to come. As the season progresses, one thing remains certain: the unpredictable nature of college football will continue to captivate and inspire fans across the nation.

For more in-depth analysis, highlights, and the latest college football news, stay tuned to and follow the action throughout the season.

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