Want to save money? Using this consciously can save you a lot of money

At the end of the month, do you wonder where your payment went? Want to save money? Would you put me off later? You can easily manage your costs on the web, as a popular cost monitoring application came with your PC version.

We may be surprised to look at the contents of our bank account


At the end of the month – or worse, sooner – we may be surprised to look at the contents of our bank account or wallet because we don’t think we’ve spent enough to make a payment.

Still, where and where the money went, we ask ourselves, and with constant use, Spendee shows us at the touch of a button – we’ve been writing about the app for quite a few years. The app remains one of the most popular in its category, and now, in beta, the free service is available.

If you would like to manage your expenses on a computer

Just go to the Spendee page and click on “Login” in the top right corner. You can then choose between email, facebook and Google sign up, the latter two just two clicks away. Once you have it, you can already record your costs and revenues, and if you use the app, you will see information written on the web later.

In the “Transactions” menu, you can enter costs and revenues, which can be added by category, date, text, location, price and currency, and click on the camera icon to include a photo, such as an account.

Personal and family finances under control


The “Overview” menu also generates statistics from which you can draw the right lessons and manage your finances more consciously so that you can set them aside at the end of the month. You can see your spending by category and by month and by day.