Tips to fully enjoy your next music festival with this technology

Music festivals have become one of the most popular entertainment options in recent years . They are a way to monetize music for artists, at a time when music sales are no longer the most substantial source of income for most singers, bands or DJs with their sessions that attract thousands of people around. his sessions of different styles.

tecnologia festivales

There are different websites where you can get an idea of ​​what is to come, such as Europa Press in which the 25 most notable are selected, or this one from dod magazine where they are practically all. As you see, offer is not missing. And that, only in Spain, not to mention the international ones , which are also a good excuse to go on a trip to other places where we go to a festival anywhere in the world.

The demands of a festival

Festivals, on the other hand, are quite special events. Whether it is a day or several, you stay in a tent or in a hotel or caravan, in the middle of nature or in urban spaces, festivals are usually quite demanding with everything we have on top . Clothing, accessories or technology are exposed to situations that are not always optimal. It can be very hot, have the sun just above without shade to protect us, it can rain, it can be that we are being bathed with a hose, there can be dust, or mud.

There’s also the fact that what we wear, we’ll have to wear it all day. There are usually no facilities to leave our things now and take them half an hour later . In the festivals, we go with what we put on and we go back with what we put on. Be much or little. It might be a “quiet” festival, or that we are dancing like possessed all day and night. So, it is better to plan a little what we are going to take and what not.

Technology for festivals

Technology, in particular, is a key element of our time. With it we communicate, we capture the memories of the moments we have lived, it is an instrument of leisure, or a tool to facilitate everyday tasks on a day-to-day basis. And the festivals are one of the tests of fire for her .

In a festival, in addition, it is usually difficult for us to do without technology. It is true that in many occasions the decision to “disconnect” is made and we do not even wear the watch, but at some point we will regret (probably at least) if we did not bring the camera, the cell phone or a backup battery , or even the SLR camera.

So, we leave you with a selection of devices so you can enjoy the festivals technologically without being a burden. We can start, by the clock. Traditional smartwatches are usually not practical, because the battery hardly lasts a day or a day and a half, but smart watches that combine a battery life of several days , with Smart functions and quantification of activity begin to be seen . The Fitbit Ionic , for example, also allows you to pay with a credit card (at the moment, MasterCard from Banco de Santander, but more banks will be added in the future). The Fitbit Versa , is very similar to the Ionic, but without integrated GPS.

An activity bracelet on the other hand, can also serve as a watch with the advantage that we will measure the activity of the days that we are in festival. For example, the steps we take while dancing.

The smartphone, better if it is resistant

The smartphone is another especially interesting element. Right now, a good phone can make it unnecessary to take the “big” camera on top. Premium terminals, in addition, carry IP68 protection against dust and water in many cases. It is important that they carry this type of protection so that, in case of getting wet or dusty, the terminal is in good condition in spite of everything. The smartphones that can now be a reference are the Huawei P20 Pro and its practical 3x zoom, along with state-of-the-art technology in camera (40 Mpx) and device, or the LG V30 with spectacular technology for recording video and a large camera very useful angular too.

A protector for the screen or a cover even basic silicone also help, of course. If we continue with the accessories, we have an essential in external batteries . One or several. Energy is a scarce resource at a festival and it is convenient to always carry a powerbank to charge your smartphone or smartwatch. A 6,000 mAh model should suffice to have an extra extra.

A camera to record everything

The camera of the smartphone is fine, but the maximum degree of freedom, especially to record video, is with a smaller camera, resistant and manageable . Sports cameras are popular at festivals, and the sports camera par excellence is the GoPro. Especially recommended is the GoPro Hero 5 . With this camera you will not go wrong and you can keep a memory of everything, without worrying about anything.

Another type of camera very useful are the 360 ​​that record everything around us. With them we can obtain videos and photos of great impact in the festivals, especially in the middle of a concert with thousands of people around us. The Samsung Gear 360 is a versatile, resistant and balanced proposal, for example.

The SLR cameras also have their place, of course, or the EVIL without a mirror. Although they are more recommended for photographers with a special interest in festival photography. They can be worn, of course, especially if you use a suitable backpack to transport it and choose a versatile lens. A balanced backpack is the LowePro Photo Traveler 150 , for example. As a camera, a Fujifilm X-T20 with 18-55 optics is a good compromise solution.

If we look for a compact camera, we must bear in mind that smartphones of higher ranges such as those mentioned above already offer a quality equivalent to that of dedicated cameras. However, we can find high-end compact cameras such as the Canon PowerShot G5 X , with 1 “sensor, in which the quality is superior, although at the cost of a higher price.

Digital SLR cameras are another option with which you can achieve a very high quality and speed of operation. For a festival, however, SLR cameras of the semi pro or pro type are recommended , in which we find sealing against dust and water resistance (up to a certain point), as well as very technical materials such as magnesium alloy. The price is high, of course. For example, we have the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV , which also captures video in 4K. As accessories we will have to carry compatible optics. With a 70-300mm TV and a fixed 35mm optic and memory cards to store the images.

If your backpack is big enough, you can even think about carrying a small 2 in 1 laptop . The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is a good proposal. It is rugged, works as a tablet and easily carried in the laptop compartment of a mixed backpack. In addition, if we carry a dedicated photo camera, it will be very useful to take the laptop to download the images and free space on the memory cards.

Bluetooh speakers: the rhythm does not stop

There are fun options to take to a festival, such as Bluetooth speakers. They allow to mount a minifiesta in any place and in addition they can even do of powerbank depending on the model. The JBL Charge 3 , for example, can be a good compromise solution to take to a festival.

Of course, there is much more technology that we can take to a music festival , but these tracks may help you to better organize your backpack for the next one, and in the meantime you can take better advantage of the opportunities you have there to enjoy the concerts, of the people and the environment.

Some useful tips

In festivals, it is important to take into account some more or less sensitive aspects regarding technology. For example, direct sunlight is not recommended for electronic devices . The battery, without going any further, with a “heater” can lose load capacity, be it a mobile phone, a camera or a laptop. In addition, with a high temperature, the devices will stop working for safety.

So, if you use your phone as a GPS, do not put it in a place where the sun shines . Next to the vents is fine and also the air conditioning can help keep the device cool.

If you charge your mobile or laptop, make sure you do it with the devices turned off . It will take less to complete the process. On the other hand, use the airplane mode when you can. You will save a lot of battery. Or directly turn off the phone if you are not going to take pictures or use it to communicate. If you have a mobile with fast charge, take your charger to work as expected.

Carry a garbage bag or plastic bag inside your backpack. In case you can not avoid an “extreme” wetting , you can put your electronic devices inside to avoid a disaster.

Remember to take with you all the necessary cables to charge the devices. Including the smartwatch or the activity wristband . You never know if by mistake you will activate the GPS, for example. Or if the heat can make the battery last less than expected. The battery charger of the camera is also important and often forgotten.

Take the IMEI and serial numbers of your electronic equipment by hand . They do not have to steal you if you’re looking for your things, but you’re never 100 percent sure. And these data are necessary to put a report quickly.

Activate payment systems with your mobile or smartwatch. In case you lose your wallet or the cards do not work, you will have a method to manage yourself financially . Of course, it activates the security in mobile devices so that nobody can use them without authenticating previously.