How to share your music subscriptions?

Since the appearance of the MP3 format, music has evolved unstoppably from physical formats such as the CD, to digital distribution channels such as iTunes , to streaming music nowadays. Possibly that term is not recognized by all users, but if we put names like Spotify or Apple Music, many will understand what we are talking about.

Gone are the record stores, custom cassettes with our recordings and even the famous music CDs that filled our shelves. Now all relative music is centralized in applications for our smartphones or tablets , where the best known for content and quality are Spotify or Apple Music.

Very powerful multiplatform applications with which we can enjoy millions of songs, albums, playlists, videos , interviews, radios and other musical content for a monthly subscription of about € 10. In addition these applications allow us to download all that content from the cloud to our computers for when we do not have Internet connection . Can you imagine being able to take all the discography of Metallica, Queen or the Beatles in your pocket ?, now you can have them all in a matter of seconds.

Do not lose sight of the customization

Another benefit of streaming music applications is personalization. Thanks to the songs we listen to, the downloads we make, our searches, and even the musical styles that we select when we set them up for the first time, they are able to offer recommendations and a playlist totally personalized for us thanks to the algorithms behind it. A personalization that runs a certain danger if your children, partner, siblings and others start putting their favorite songs using our session.

Both Apple Music and Spotify have thought about this situation, and for a couple of years have begun to offer family subscriptions with which to share all the benefits of premium accounts among family members (or friends), at a very low price. If you want to know what these family accounts are with which to share Spotify or Apple Music , we will show you the following:

How to share Spotify or Apple Music with your family

How to share Spotify

Spotify has decided relatively recently, to expand its subscription services by adding the premium family plan. A new subscription model, which for 14.99 allows us to have 6 family members with individual accounts that will keep their playlists and recommendations.

  • Access our Spotify user account
  • Click on Manage
  • In the menu on the left, click on Premium Family Plan
  • Select the family plan size we want
  • Once the family account is activated, we add the members that we want by simply entering email

One of the “limitations” of the Spotify family plan is that members must live in the same address, or what is the same. They must have the same address when filling in the contact information.

How to share Apple Music

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The music application of Apple ( Apple Music ), also has a family plan for 14.99 per month that allows in the same way to have several members of a family. The Apple model also gives full rights to all the contents of the Apple Music universe, even to minors that will be supervised by the family organizer.

  • We open the Music app on the iPhone or iPad and click on the “For you” section
  • Click on our profile or photo icon in the upper right corner
  • We go down to the bottom of the page of our profile and click “View Account”.
  • Press View Apple ID
  • We look for the part that puts Subscriptions and click on it. We will appear all the services to which we are subscribed. We click on Apple Music
  • We changed our subscription and selected “Family”

From this moment all the members that we add to “En Familia” (within iCloud), will be able to use Apple Music without any type of restriction.

If you have not yet tried any of these streaming music applications, both Spotify and Apple Music have free trial periods of three months , period in which you can listen without any restriction all its content to discover how comfortable, simple and personal ones that are from the comfort of your houses in your speakers like Apple’s HomePod , or in the street with your new wireless headphones .