Doctorate or PhD?

Doctorate or Ph.D.? 1 year ago

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After adapting numerous courses to the two-level Bachelor-Master-System, more and more German universities are also awarding the Ph.D.’s international doctoral degree. What sets this apart from the German Ph.D. and what advantages does it offer? What do postgraduates have to consider when they choose a Ph.D. Ph.D. program and what about recognition in Germany and the rest of the world? Answers to the most common questions for all aspiring scientists who are faced with the question “Doctor or Ph.D.?”.

Ph.D. – a Doctor of Philosophy?

The Ph.D. is the most widely awarded doctoral degree in English-speaking countries and, just like the “classical” doctoral degree, it is combined with the subject in which he earned his doctorate. Misleading is, therefore, the idea that the Ph.D. is necessarily connected with a humanities subject. The term Philosophical Doctorate (Ph.D.) merely refers to the historical significance of philosophy as the “mother of all sciences” . A Ph.D. degree can be obtained in any field of research.

How is the Ph.D. different from the German doctor?

Both doctoral programs are aimed at postgraduates, ie they can be completed after completing a master’s program. While programs that aim at obtaining the German doctoral degree take different amounts of time depending on the research subject, a Ph.D. program generally lasts no longer than three to four years. In the choice between Ph.D. and doctor should be taken into account, in particular, that the path to Ph.D. is usually more scholar than that to the doctorate. For example, in addition to the actual preparation of the dissertation, a Ph.D. program also includes the attendance of courses and seminars as well as the passing of examinations, which makes it more similar overall to the Master’s program. Ph.D. students are usually involved in larger – sometimes cross-people – projects and therefore often research in teams. Doctoral students, on the other hand, usually work as scientific assistants at a chair, where they pursue their doctoral project in an individual manner. The decision between Ph.D. and doctor is thus also connected to the consideration of which mode of operation corresponds to one’s own preference. Overall, the Ph.D. program can be described as more structured and collective . Doctoral programs promise more freedom for individual research work.

What about the recognition?

Both the traditional German Ph.D. and the Ph.D. titles enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide so that neither doctoral degree can be described as of higher quality. The Ph.D. is known for its international orientation. If you are looking for a research career abroad, you may opt for the Ph.D. Basically, a Ph.D. can also be converted into a German doctor. Caution is only required when translating the German doctoral degree. Only PhDs obtained as part of a research doctorate entitle you to hold the Ph.D. title.