Action “Auric Moment” 1 year ago

Action “Auric Moment” 1 year ago

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Paint us a picture of science and win 100 € book money!

Children who prefer to watch tadpoles in magnifying glasses, study the lives of the Indians or solve word puzzles instead of or on the football field? – Will definitely be at the expense of social skills. Ask a question in the lecture? – Only for nerds. Doctorate? – But at most for the title, right?

In a knowledge society that defines education as its highest good, the thirst for knowledge has become uncool. Somebody should understand that.
Time and again, we find that young people are more likely to just not being registered in the gym than not reading 100 pages every day. That it is outrageous to beat oneself with the help of abstracts from the Web through the study instead of rolling over literature recommendations. And that many a student dismisses science as a dull and dusty matter. We think it’s time to rediscover work in science and research for what it is: a source of innovation, a place of creativity. And that’s exactly why we set the stage free today: for the Olympians of science!

Long before Auratikum became our heart project, we have had many inspiring conversations with inquisitive people around the world. Whenever you – as young scientists – tell us about your most diverse research projects, challenges, goals and visions, we are thrilled again: by your dedication and your power of persuasion. From your view of the “big picture” and the fascination for what happens “between the lines”. From your urge to find some pin in the haystack and complete the puzzle picture. From your sense of reality, from your patience, from your stamina. From your sense of change and, last but not least, your courage to question the old and create something new. Also from our own experience we know that research is a matter of the heart – not infrequently and especially when the hard disk in the mind is crying for defragmentation.


From the “aura” of science

We have fallen in love with our mission to create a digital space for all that moves and moves you in your diverse scientific contexts. In a concept and an idea that impressively summarizes science in all its colorful facets. The philosopher and cultural critic Walter Benjamin understood the aesthetic truthfulness that an artist creates through his creative realization in a work of art as an “aura”. The term fascinates us because it names the value of individual innovation and at the same time places the creator himself at the center. According to Benjamin, the “auratic” could only be produced in the moment of free development by the artist, not by reproduction or standardization. The “auratic moment” thus always starts with oneself. It is an intuition, an inner impulse, a formative experience. A spark that finally turns out to be the key to personal innovation. Sounds a bit magical, right? And because you have enchanted us with your most diverse “auratic moments” that you have shared with us in the past weeks and months, we want to share them with the whole world. Together with you, we want to show that science is just fantastic.

Action “Auric Moment” – your eye-opening moment in research

Where does your inspiration for your field of study come from? How did you fall in love with your research project? Were there moments during your undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral thesis that brought you a light that finally made sense or took an unexpected turn? At we publish short portraits of young scientists who report on their very own key moments.