3 good reasons to register to learn music

Looking for a way to make your workouts more effective? You have the impression to not really progress or stagnate in singing, piano, guitar or any other musical instrument? What if you start recording when you play? Indeed, it is by recording that you can notice a tendency to play too fast or too slowly, for example. Here are the 3 reasons that make recording the best tool to improve as a musician!

1- A great way to analyze your own game

As a musician, it’s a real challenge to be able to objectively evaluate the quality of your own game. At the moment we play, we are so focused on keeping pace , following the melody that it becomes difficult to analyze. the sound that is produced at its true value.

The advantage is to be able to listen and analyze your game with hindsight . If you do not have professional equipment, no problem, you can register with your mobile phone . When you register, you can also use a metronome. After your workout, it allows you to listen to yourself again and realize when you have moved away from the tempo.

2- A way to compare your game to that of the musicians you want to match

You are learning a song? By registering, you can easily and quickly compare your game to that of the musician you want to match. Here are two methods you can use to imitate your favorite musicians:

Use a musical accompaniment

If you are lucky enough to have some recording material, you can import musical accompaniments to your digital authoring software. You can easily find musical accompaniments or background tracks on YouTube or on specialized sites. If you do not have very advanced computer equipment at home, you can use simple and free software to do this as for example Audacity or Reaper.

By importing a sound track, you can play along with your favorite band and compare directly with the musician you want to imitate!

Image result for equalizer

Use an equalizer to accompany a group

This method works with some instruments better than others and requires a little more knowledge in sound. If you are importing a song into your software, you can use an equalizer to add instruments to your virtual group. It works especially well for training on the bass. By recording your own sound track, you will be able to see the difference between the bass player and you. You will measure how far you have to go or, on the contrary, find that you can quite replace it at short notice during his next concert!

3- A solution to tell you about your musical tics

Over the recordings, your game tics will begin to blow your eyes. Initially, you will not notice your little fads, or at least you will not realize they are. By registering, you will be able to correct these bad habits such as a tendency to go too fast or to be late for the tempo.