10 tips to increase your vocal power

You have been singing for some time now, but do you feel that your voice lacks power? As soon as you try to push a little on your voice, it is a high pitch and not very harmonious that comes out of your mouth? Good news, the vocal power is not innate, it is something that one acquires by working regularly. Even for those who feel like they have a small voice that does not carry much weight, it’s quite possible to increase their vocal power with the help of some exercises and tricks that are delivered to you without delay!

Tip # 1: Always start by warming up your voice

When you want to start singing, it is essential to take a little time to warm up your voice . Well warm up allows, as for a sportsman, to deliver a better performance, and especially to avoid getting hurt. When we want to gain power, we must not try to push his voice too loudly, but on the contrary, we must try to reach its maximum power little by little, and without forcing.

To warm up, we start by relaxing and taking a good posture . We begin to breathe calmly by focusing on the ventral breathing. If necessary, place a hand on her belly to feel better her breathing. It is also thought to relax his jaw if it tends to tense. Once relaxed, we begin to go up and down ranges , ideally with a keyboard, otherwise, a cappella.

To work the lips and language that have their role to play in singing, make “brr” seeking the vibration is very effective!

Tip # 2: Doing Voice Exercises

Whether one is trying to work on his vocal power or another difficulty, singing the same song indefinitely from beginning to end, hoping that the difficulty will fly away with each new attempt, unfortunately gives only poor results. In order to overcome a difficulty and progress , one must do specific, effective exercises and train regularly.

Many books and videos tutorials offer exercises to practice daily to work including resonance. However, the ideal is to ask his singing teacher for tailor-made exercises.

Tip # 3: Work out your breathing and practice relaxation

Often with singing apprentices, the lack of vocal power is related to a breathing problem . While mastering your breathing is the basis of singing, otherwise singing is very difficult. For those who have difficulty breathing, the practice of relaxation and meditation is often effective . Gentle gyms like yoga and Pilates are based on breathing and their practice is complementary to singing.

Tip 4: Give yourself enough time off

For the vocal cords to give the maximum, they must be sufficiently rested. Between two concerts or between rehearsals, there must be a minimum of 7 hours of rest . A restful sleep is also essential to sing well. Do not push too hard after insomnia or if you feel particularly tired, it will not help and you risk a good extinction of voice.

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Tip 5: Free your voice

Failure to release one’s voice often results in lack of power! Most of the time, it is difficult to release one’s voice when certain areas of the body tend to tense and not relax . This is particularly the case of the area at the base of the back of the skull at the neck. It is a part of the body that we rarely think of soliciting singing when it is essential! To succeed to release this zone, practice before singing, the small following exercise:

  • Make a “mmh” with your lips closed. The goal is that it vibrates to the maximum.
  • Then, during the “mmh”, play with the position of the teeth or the tongue
  • Repeat a “mmh” by making small circles of the tip of the nose without moving the shoulders
  • The exercise can then get tough by adding sirens or vocalises

Tip # 6: Do not be afraid of ridicule

The fear of being ridiculous by making a false note or taking out a horrible “quack” prevents some singing students from completely freeing themselves, and thus from delivering all the vocal power they possess. When one learns to sing one must also succeed in detaching oneself from such fears . Make false notes, it happens to everyone, even to the greatest singers! Some exercises may also seem ridiculous, but keep in mind that they are very effective and you will not be the first to go through it. To help free yourself , practice repeating in front of your mirror , and then in front of a few relatives you trust. Gradually you will get insurance!

Tip # 7: Have a good diet

Although there is no miracle food that will allow you to suddenly increase your vocal power, there are still some foods to avoid or otherwise favor, which will give you a little help always good to take!

In general, it is best to drink alcoholic beverages with great moderation, or not to consume at all , especially before a hearing or a major concert. In the same way, it is not advisable to drink sparkling water, consume dairy products and acidic or spicy dishes before singing. On the contrary, it is recommended to drink hot drinks such as herbal teas with a little honey, thyme, raw vegetables, pasta and rice.

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Tip # 8: Stay hydrated

Do you know ? When you drink water, the vocal cords are the last organ to be hydrated , because it is the vital organs that receive the water first. It is therefore important to drink plenty of water for several hours before singing and not just during or after. Inhalations from time to time also contributes to the proper hydration of the vocal cords.

Tip # 9: Make the difference between “forcing your voice” and “making it sound”

When one seeks to gain vocal power, it is essential to understand that it is not by forcing one’s voice that one will get closer to the goal . To develop his vocal power, forcing his voice to the maximum will not get you far and could even break your voice. To gain vocal power, you must learn to sound it . It is by working on the various resonators that we develop the power.

Tip 10: Call a voice coach

Although it is possible to progress in singing by its own means, calling a voice coach will help you considerably to resolve certain blockages and overcome some difficulties. By hearing you sing, the vocal coach will immediately target your difficulties accurately and will be able to correct you and give you effective advice to progress very quickly!