10 good reasons to learn to play the guitar

Knowing how to play the guitar has many benefits and has many benefits sometimes unsuspected! The guitar is a popular instrument that is present in many musical styles. Rather versatile, the guitar is a musical instrument to play a multitude of songs, once familiar with the notes and chords. Want to learn to play music? You have all the right reasons to choose the guitar and we prove it to you!

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1) The guitar, an instrument accessible to all

The big advantage of the guitar on some musical instruments is that it is accessible to as many people as possible. Inexpensive, (we can find very good guitars for the modest sum of 200-300 €), it is accessible to all budgets. Besides the budget, it is very easy to start learning the basics of the guitar self-taught, without having knowledge in music theory. Once you understand how to tune your guitar, manually or using an electronic tuner , and you master some basic chords, then it is quite possible to play his first songs. In the same way, it is very easy to compose your first songs, even if you have just started the guitar and you only know 3 chords! Of course, for those who want to go much further it is sometimes necessary to use some private lessons.

2) A practical musical instrument

Unlike other instruments such as piano or bass, the guitar is very easy to carry . It is possible to take it with you, even while traveling! No more excuses not to repeat!

3) The guitar, a real therapy

We have already devoted several articles on this subject, music has many benefits on the mind. Several studies have shown it. Playing the guitar can relieve the stress accumulated throughout the day, and overcomes the anxiety. Playing the guitar is fulfilling and makes you feel relaxed and happy!

4) A brain booster!

This has been studied many times by scientists and verified every time: the guitar boosts the memory and allows to develop its concentration abilities. Working on his scales, his chords, memorizing and reproducing melodies, contributes to the brain development of musicians. Thus, a child who learns the young guitar will be more attentive to the school and will be better able to remember his lessons. In the same way, playing the guitar is a great way to keep your youth as long as possible!

5) Develop your creativity

Composing on the guitar is easy enough. This allows the guitarist, even if he knows few chords, to invent many melodies by varying chords, rhythms and arpeggios. The guitar is a musical instrument conducive to imagination and inspiration.

6) Assert yourself and gain self-confidence

Learning to play the guitar, becoming aware of one’s progress and the road traveled is rewarding. This helps to assert itself, especially for reserved people. Being able to master pieces of guitar and being able to play them for oneself, for one’s family or friends also helps to build self-confidence.

7) Understand the little secrets of musicians

By learning the guitar, you will understand the structure of the most famous pieces . You will see that the most popular songs are not necessarily the most complicated to play , quite the opposite! This is particularly the case of Come as you are Nirvana or some pieces of The Cramberries!

8) Set the mood

Evening around a campfire, a small party with friends who has trouble getting started? What better than to set the mood by playing guitar pieces that will make everyone dance and sing! Playing the guitar will make you the one with the power to liven up evenings!

9) Improvising an ox

Tired of saying “no” as soon as your singing and drumming friends offer you a short, improvised beef session? By learning to play the guitar, you can now improvise with your friends and let off steam as if you had a real band!

10) Increase your power of seduction

This is a cliché, but a snapshot checked! Several studies have shown it. Gentlemen, know that women equate musical ability with intelligence, commitment and hard work ! You will be more attractive to them by playing a good blues or folk!

Convinced? Do not wait any longer, start learning your guitar now!